Chainsaw Safety!


So it’s the time of year that I most enjoy getting the bulk of my firewood cutting done.  Others might disagree but I think it is the best time to do this kind of work.  So I took a trip out to the woods to drop some trees.   My goal was to get several on the ground and get them limbed before I called it a day.  That is not exactly how it worked out.


Things started out pretty good.  The first tree dropped just like I wanted it.  But the second one was not going to cooperate.  I misjudged the lean of the tree and despite cutting the wedge in the direction I wanted the tree to fall; it turned some and got hung up.  With a little help from a cable winch and a rope I was able to get it to move but it hung up again.  This time it settled in a forked limb and all it took to get it safely down to the ground was to remove one of the limbs.

Well that episode may have fatigued me a little more than I expected.  I guess I got a little sloppy when handling my chainsaw and I got the chain into my left thigh.  Luckily I was wearing my chaps and they stopped the saw instantly.  I was shocked at how fast it took place.  I actually did not realize what happened until I looked down and saw the white threads wrapped around the bar and sprocket.  The hole in my chaps was small but the chain grabbed enough threads to make it come to a screeching halt.


Well after all of that commotion it was time to take a coffee break. I was never a fan of instant coffee until I discovered these little Starbucks packets.  They are a little on the pricey side but when you need some coffee it is the best thing next to fresh brewed.


I sure am glad that I was wearing those chaps.  Since I have to replace them I am going to go with a kit that has a hard hat with integrated face shield and hearing protection along with chaps.  I used to never wear chaps but I am glad I was that day. If you find yourself out there cutting firewood please be safe.


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